• Renée’s life was saved – rape, alcohol poisoning, depression.

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  • Relationships, Cocaine & Feeling Numb – God Healed Her Pain

    Sep 26 | 556 Views | No Comments

  • Steve described his life as an addiction Sex, Drugs & Rock...

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  • Pressures of life led Shauna to a secret sexual addiction.

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  • Jojo’s escape was in cutting, binge eating & a sexual addiction.

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Apr 20 | 623 Views | No Comments

She rose from the Dead on Easter Weekend…

On the Wednesday before Easter, Kyla went into the church, and on Good Friday she had an encounter that changed her life. By Sunday, she was celebrating her freedom and...

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Sep 20 | 717 Views | No Comments

How it all began…

It all started at rock bottom. Little did I know, God would use my biggest failure and turn it around for His glory. We are people who can truly say, “I am not who I...


Am I missing out?

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